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Enjoy light and luxurious dining experience

Enjoy the luxury dining experience


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Enjoy the luxury dining experience.


How should we put our cutlery?

Our traditional Chinese food is all Chinese food, but with the development of our economy, the communication between countries is more and more close,

How to use and place knives and forks in Western food

Fork is the main tableware for eating western food. This article focuses on the use and placement of knife and fork when eating western food The most basic is left fork right knife No matter the knife or fork, it is the same as holding the pen when it stops using The knife and fork are held lightly when used. The forefinger is against the front of the tableware, while the forefinger is against the back of the knife for Western food If you need to take a break or leave after eating half of a dish, place the knife and fork on both sides of the plate to indicate that you are still eating After the meal, put the knives and forks together horizontally, so as to tell the waiter that it is time to close

Western food is superior and elegant?

Some people seem to have to eat Western food,Steak, cutlery and red wine appear on the table,It represents a sense of elegance and sophistication. In fact, as early as the Shang and Zhou dynasties,Chinese cuisine began to enter a period of civilization. In the Western Zhou Dynasty, the most typical food for the royal nobles was "eight treasures of the Zhou Dynasty", which consisted of two meals and six dishes.

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